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Carrie Capiris
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey there! My name is Carrie, and I'm from CT, USA.

I have varied interests, so my dwellings on the internet consist of a myriad of different things.
I consider myself to be something of a cartoonist. I went to the Aces Educational Center for the Arts (also known as ECA) in New Haven, which is a vocational Arts school with 5 different departments devoted to the arts. Music, Dance, Theatre, Creative writing and Visual arts. Drawing and cartooning may be my passion, but I was in the Music department there, and not the Visual Arts department. They didn't like my cartoons XD
Since then, I've learned to love to sing.
Despite my love of music, I am also very interested in Deaf culture, and study American Sign Language at a local college.
My sole ambition in life is to find true love. Since that's never gonna happen, I'll settle for my second ambition in life.
My sole ambition in life is to fly.

The End <3

Ok, so y'all can blame stikytape for this. XD
She wrote ten questions, and the rules went I had to answer her 10, then add 10 more for whoever I tagged to answer, but I don't know 10 people?? O_o So, if you want to, go ahead I guess. (I'm completely snowed in here until Thursday anyway, yeesh)

Her questions:
I. What’s the best overseas holiday/experience you’ve ever had and why? Overseas? Can't say I've ever been overseas. Unless of course you count from where I was born in Santo Domingo to the US, then I guess my entire life has been one 20-something year long vacation.

II. What's your favourite emoji? >:U

III. Where do you see yourself this time next week? My alarm will be going off in 19 minutes and I'll have to get up to go to my first Nutrition class, and also my next ENG102, which will have missed two classes due to the "blizzard of the century" and whatnot.

IV. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Complain about it.

V. How do you eat your bananas, peel them top to bottom, bottom to top, sliced, mashed, on toast or (RL friends only) like Taz? Er, I don't eat bananas.

VI. You can become instantly fluent in any language, which one do you choose and why? Oh shit. Um... I can't choose between German or ASL. Maybe Japanese. Actually, yeah, Japanese so I can broaden my manga readings and anime watching like the absolute goddamn nerd that I am. I have no regrets. Not even a single letter. Judge me.

VII. Do you know what pavlova is and have you ever eaten it? I don't know, but it sounds a bit like an STD, tbh.

VIII.Take a photo of whatever is immediately to your right and paste it here (if you can’t or don’t want to take a picture, describe what you can see). To my right is my wall. Also Mendelssohn (my giant, enormous stuffed dolphin) is lounging on the bed next to me.

IX. What are your thoughts on time travelling? I would go back in time just so I could punch myself in the face. the Timehop app is ruining my like, ok? RUINING IT!

X. Would you like fries with that? No >:U

Aaaand here's the ones I will throw out there:

1. Are there too many Pokémon? Like, what happened to the 150?
2. Do you play any of the Zelda titles? If so, which is your favorite & why?
3. Do you really think I can think of 10 things?
4. If there's a lot of hype surrounding anything, will you still check it out from curiousity/following the hype, or hold off/disregard it completely out of spite?
5. Have you ever seen a Pangolin?
6. Are narwhals real? Like, do they actually exist somewhere in the world?
7. What's the most bizarre story you've heard at/from work?
8. Can you drive? If you can, do you enjoy it?
9. What's your favorite newfangled colloquialism? ('I literally can't even', 'turn down for what'. 'hashtag ---' etc.)
10. If it takes 15 people 8 hours to make 100 items how many hours will it take 6 people working at the same rate to make half as many items? :evillaugh: revamp
(I'm really just curious as to anyone's creativity BS'ing an answer. I don't know the answer to this, I'm only in college ...I MEAN, HEY, if you *can* answer it.. I'd be pretty damn impressed, ngl.)

Go for it XD
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: All Time Low
  • Watching: RWBY Volume 2
  • Playing: Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire
  • Drinking: Coke

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